A group of experienced and ambitious leaders with a keen interest in the material handling industry founded Tacklers Engineering Pvt. Ltd. in Ahmedabad, India. Their goal was to design and deliver world-class products using the latest technology.

The company is led by three directors :

Mr. Atul N. Choksi

Mr. Atul N. Choksi, a founding member with 50 years of experience in managing the company.

Mr. Nirag A. Choksi

Mr. Nirag A. Choksi, a mechanical engineer with 20+ years of experience in the material handling industry. He is responsible for providing high-quality solutions and performing complex technical tasks.

Mr. Aman A. Choksi

Mr. Aman A. Choksi, an MBA graduate who manages business relationships with key suppliers and ensures that products and services meet quality and cost-effectiveness standards. He also oversees the timely delivery of orders to meet customer expectations.