Chain Pulley Block

Capacity : 0.5 – 30 Ton

‘TACKLERS’ brand Manual-Hand Chain Pulley Blocks are available as per I.S. Specifications. The Rigid Frame is built from steel plates with a high factor of safety. The Chain Pulley Block comprises Load chain Wheels made of S.G. Iron / Malleable Casting with accurate Chain Sprockets for smooth running. Steel forged Hooks confirm as per I.S. & fitted in upper arm block made out of heavy-duty S.G. Iron / Malleable Casting. Gears are made from Nickel-Chrome / Alloy steel case hardened. These Gears are accurately machined and teeth generate rated on the hobbing machine to correct involutes for high bending stress and low wear. Compared to the Light Duty Chain Pulley Block, “TACKLERS” are rugged. Moreover, the higher hand wheel diameter reduces effort and increases vertical travel. It is used for centuries in the manufacturing industries. It uses the simple principles of geometry and physics for lifting the object.