Type of Wire Rope Hoists we Manufacturer:


TACKLERS Electric Wire Rope Hoists to suit your requirements from 0.25 Ton to 50 Ton (250 Kg to 50,000 Kgs). Wire Rope Hoists are designed in modular construction following IS. Electric hoists are material handling equipment used for lifting, lowering, and transporting materials and products. They are powered by an electric motor and have a controller to adjust the lifting parameters. They are efficient in carrying heavy loads Electric wire rope hoists can lift heavier loads at long lift heights. Wire ropes consist of a core that runs through the centre of the wire rope and several strands of wire intertwined around the core. This construction forms a higher-strength composite rope.

High Lift Wire Rope Hoist

TACKLERS High Lift Wire Rope hoist is extensively used in industries for lifting heavy loads. The hoist is precisely manufactured utilizing quality approved material and thereby ensures optimum finish and enhanced durability.

Curvature Type Wire Rope Hoist

TACKLERS offers Curvature Type Wire Rope Hoist / Flexible Wire Rope Hoist with capacities from 0.25 Ton to 50 Ton. We are instrumental in providing our clients a comprehensive range of Electric Wire Rope Hoist on Curvature or Flexible Trolley. The offered product of Curvature Wire Rope Hoist is designed and developed using high-quality components with the help of skilled professionals. It is highly appreciated for its high performance, easy installation, ability to withstand adverse conditions, and longer service life.
We are instrumental in providing a wide range of curvature-type wire rope hoist. The Wire Rope Hoist provided by our end comes with a Flexible Trolley in various specifications to cater to the multiple needs of the clients. Our quality controllers stringently test it to ensure consistent performance at the user’s end.

Fix Suspension Hoist

TACKLERS Fix suspension / Base Mounted hoist is used in particular application. It is used for only Up & Down motions and without Cross Travel Trolley. It has used for Goods Lift operation, Boiler Maintenance, Chemical Plants, Hydro Pump Plant for Pump Maintenance etc.

Application :

Steel Plants, Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Constructions Site, Factories, Ware Houses, Heavy Fabrication Units, Railway Yards, Transporters, Mine Quarries, Harbours, Large Water Works, Marine, Cement, Textile etc.

Flame Proof Wire Rope Hoist

TACKLERS Offers Explosion Proof Wire Rope Hoist or Flameproof Hoist with capacities from 0.25 Ton-50 Ton in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Explosion Proof Wire Rope Hoist is regarded as the safest technology available on the market for the petrochemical, chemical, and pharma industries. When the workshop is full of an explosion mixture, it can improve working conditions, increase labor productivity and make it safe. The Explosion Proof Hoist (Flame Proof Hoist) confirming as per IS that is applicable at such sites with explosion gas mixture combined by combustible gas, steam, and air where the temperature classification is I.I.A., I.I.B., I.I.C. The working ambient temperature should be -20 – +40. It is suitable to be used indoors, and if used outdoors, safety equipment is required.

Industries like power supply, food processing, shipbuilding, L.N.G., Petrochemical and offshore sectors also consider using this. Oil Warehouses

Classification: Group I, Group II & Group III
Hazardous Zone: Zone 0, Zone 1 & Zone 2
Gas Group: I.I.A., I.I.B. & IIC


Capacity : Monorail Models : 1 Ton – 25 Ton
Double Girder Model : 1 Ton – 50Ton

The advantages of the the New Generation Hoists :


    Sr. No. Feature
    1 CH meter (Inverter Inbuilt function) Starting No. of starts & stops display.
    2 Series production with uniform quality.
    3 Modular construction with optimally matched components.
    4 Space-saving future-oriented design.
    5 Two Lifting speeds with Inverter control
    6 Two trolley speeds with Inverter control
    7 TEFC motors are designed for smooth Hoist & Crane service with “F” class insulation.
    8 Proper lubricated Bearings and Gearboxes.
    9 Modern helical grounded gear trolley drive.
    10 Also Available in 4/2; True Lift.
    11 Low load high-speed function available.
    12 AC / DC Single / Double disc Brakes; with high safety factor; optimized with inverter control.
    13 Two positions upper and one lower precision limit switch.
    14 High strength wire rope with the factor of safety of 6.
    15 Heavy duty wear-resistant Rope Guide.
    16 All Controls are mounted in NEMA 12 enclosures with overload protection.
    17 For bulk orders/O.E.M. requirement TACKLERS heavy duty gearboxes.
    18 Dual speed motor option available with pole changing squirrel-cage motor.
    19 Inverter duly minimizes swinging of & is incorporated.
    20 All hoists tested on 125%
    21 All components are powder coated for better life.